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Projects - dr. SWS (Sander) Gussekloo

Research Projects

  • Prevention of claw-disorders due to claw-floor interaction in dairy cows
    (PhD project Wijbrand Ouweltjes)
  • WASP – Hymenopteran ovipositors as model for ultra-thin steerable needle for solid-organ interventions. In cooperation with TU Delft
    (PhD project Uros Cerkvenik)
  • Effect of protein/energy ratio on muscle developmenent in Nile Tilapia
    (PhD project Gauthier Konnert)
  • Cranial adaptations in early avian diversification
  • Ecomorphology of flight performance in birds
  • Wing dynamics in Hummingbirds

Winner of the National Academic Annual Award (Academische Jaarprijs) 2010 with Team Flight artists