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Projects - AH (Sander) Kersten

Research in the group covers the following main themes: 1. Molecular regulation of lipid metabolism. The aim is to further understand the molecular regulation of lipid metabolism in liver, adipose tissue, and intestine, partly via elucidating the functional role of specific genes. 2. Immunometabolism , adipose tissue, and metabolic health. The aim is to better understand the role of adipose tissue and the immune system in metabolic dysregulation caused by (over)nutrition and characterize the underlying mechanisms using molecular and omics tools. 3. Nutritional regulation of intestinal health. The focus is on the nutritional programming and systems biology of intestinal health, with special interest in dietary fiber, the gut microbiome, transcriptomics, and epigenetics. Overall, research is geared towards expanding our knowledge of the molecular physiology of nutrient metabolism in health and metabolic diseases and elucidating what key regulatory pathways go awry during disease development and aging.