dr.ir. SR (Sietze) Vellema

dr.ir. SR (Sietze) Vellema

Associate Professor

Sietze Vellema is Associate Professor at the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group, Wageningen University, and senior researcher at the Partnerships Resource Centre, Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands. His interest is to understand why and how different actors collaborate in solving organizational, managerial, and technical problems related to inclusive development and sustainable food provision.

He studies partnerships, certification, and institutional arrangements in agri-food chains and local food markets. He supervises PhD candidates in different fields: collective action in oil palm, shea, and sesame in West Africa; trading practices in East and West Africa and Indonesia; food safety and consumer practices in Southeast Asia; labels, governance and service delivery in global commodity trade; coordination and diversity in banana production in Asia.

At the Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC), Erasmus University Rotterdam, Sietze leads action research with the 2SCALE programme focusing on inclusive agribusiness, partnerships, poverty, and food and nutrition security in Africa. He is an integrative thinker and as editor-in-chief of NJAS: Impact in Agricultural and Life Science, he enables a scientific platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on complex and persistent problems in agricultural production, food and nutrition security and natural resource management.