dr. SA (Sjoukje) Osinga

dr. SA (Sjoukje) Osinga

Assistant Professor

Sjoukje Osinga is assistant professor at the Information Technology group of Wageningen University, within the department of Social Sciences. She studied Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science in Groningen and Leuven (1991). Her PhD from Wageningen University was on agent-based modelling of knowledge (ABM) management in the pig sector. As part of her PhD research, she spent six months in China, where she studied information management of pig farmers and pork chain stakeholders.

She was involved in H2020-EU-project "Cybele" (https://www.cybele-project.eu/), on big data in agriculture. She was also involved in H2020-EU-project "Dragon" (https://datadragon.eu/), on knowledge transfer of ABM and big data tools and techniques.

Sjoukje is member of SiLiCo Centre Wageningen (Simulating Life Science’s Complexity), a virtual centre that acts as a portal to Wageningen University’s expertise on modelling complex systems through agent-based simulations (http://www.wur.nl/en/Research-Results/Projects-and-programmes/silico.htm).

Her research interest lies in finding the match between problem-owners (in agriculture and livestock application domains) and solution-providers from big data and applied artificial intelligence. She is also interested in policy-related questions and decision-making that require ABM, big data or applied artificial intelligence techniques.