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ÄKTA Pure Protein separation and purification platform

The ÄKTA ​pure systems are used and designed for purifications of mainly proteins. All kind of chromatographically techniques, like ion-exchange chromatography (IEX), size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) and more techniques can be used.

The system is present in 2 variants, the pure 25, with a maximum flow of 25 ml/min and the pure 150, with a maximum flow of 150 ml/min. The pure 25 is the analytical system, while the pure 150 is the semi preparative system.

The sample can be applied via a sample loop, an external autosampler or directly via a sample pump. The fraction collector can collect the fractions of the purified compounds in small or large volumes.

The unicorn software makes it easy to scale-up from the analytical system to the preparative purification system. It is also easy to create methods and monitor runs, pH, conductivity and UV scouting, and evaluate the results.

Technical details

  • Biocompatible peek tubing is used.
  • Variable wavelength detector (190-700 nm), 3 simultaneously wave lengths.
  • 4 different buffer inlets.
  • I/O box for connection of an external auto-sampler or detector.
  • Connector for all kind of suitable columns.
  • Accurate Sample (2%±0.5) and system pump (1.2%±0.5).
  • Flow cell dimensions 0.5 mm or 2 mm.
  • Flowrate 0.001 – 25 ml/min.
  • Gradient accuracy 0.6%.
  • Max pressure 20 mPA.
  • Possible for up and down flow.


  • All kinds of chromatography (IEX, SEC, HIC).
  • Purification and analysis of biomolecules.
  • Wide variety of aqueous eluents including NaCl, urea, high molarity buffers, etc.

Available columns

There is a wide range of columns available for use the ÄKTA both in the analytical or in the same-preparative fashion.