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Designing a perfect greenhouse

Greenhouse Horticulture results in the highest plant production levels worldwide. And with High Tech Horticulture this can be combined with optimal resource efficiency in terms of area, water, fertilizers and even energy.

Impressed by the results of High Tech greenhouses as they are operated in e.g. The Netherlands, it can be tempting to simply copy these systems to other places in the world. However, this is risky. The chance of success is greatly increased if a protected cultivation system is adapted to local circumstances. WUR Greenhouse Horticulture developed integrated simulation models for greenhouse climate and crop growth. With these models, our experts can help customers from all over the world to calculate optimal greenhouse production scenarios.

The Adaptive Greenhouse Design Demonstrator was developed within Fieldlab Freshteq. Fieldlab Freshteq is made possible by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO - Kansen voor West).