MilliDrop Analyzer Azure

MilliDrop technology is a major advance in culture automation and high-throughput analysis in microbiology. The MiliDrop Analyzer combines the advantages of Petri dishes and microplates. Incubation operations, high-speed analysis, and sorting are integrated on this printer-sized platform.

The technology consists in splitting the samples into thousands of millimetric droplets which composition is finely controlled. Every droplet becomes an independent tank which can be handled individually by the proprietary modules developed by MilliDrop.

  • The preparation module generates a train of droplets with selected compositions.
  • The injection module allows the addition of compounds at any time in any droplet.
  • The sorting module allows to collect the droplets for further analysis.

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The culture, the analysis, and the screening are performed automatically in the Millidrop Analyzer, not bulkier than a printer. The MilliDrop Analyzer is fully interfaced with other laboratory tools, including those of rotobotized screening platforms. (Text source: