Biometris GenStat Procedure Library Edition 16

The 16th edition of the Biometris GenStat Procedure Library contains 72 procedures. The library can be downloaded by using the link at your right. The following 5 procedures are new to the 16th edition:

CNTGRANDOM generates pseudo-random numbers from an (overdispersed) count distribution
CNTPROBABILITY calculates probabilities for an (overdispersed) count distribution
DCROP crops white borders of graphic files
RCENSORED fits a censored regression model with normal errors
RPLOGNORMAL fits the Poisson-Lognormal regression model to overdispersed counts

Procedures PPAIR and SETDEVICE succeed a procedure in the official GenStat Procedure Library and have some new options and/or parameters.

Procedures DIRLIST, QDIRECTORY, QFILENAME, QMESSAGE, QPICKLIST, QSTOPWATCH, QTEXT, QTIMEDELAY and QYESNO now employ an external C# program, using .NET Framework 3.5, to interact with the user. Formerly an external WinBatch program was used. This conversion resulted in some minor incompatibilities with former releases of the Biometris GenStat Procedure Library. Some of these procedures have different options and/or parameters.

Procedures RENAMEPOINTER and GENBATCH have been completely rewritten, and RENAMEPOINTER has an option to redefine identifiers which are formerly defined. Procedure RLOGITNORMAL can now be used with adaptive Gauss-Hermite integration. The dispersion parameter in RBETABINOMIAL and RLOGITNORMAL can be set to a fixed value. Procedure LRPAIR allows to base the estimate of dispersion on the deviance or the Pearson statistic.

Procedure GENBATCH cannot be used to perform a simulation which employs the FIT directive. This is because GenStat uses the same scratch file for regression jobs. This will be resolved in the 16ed service pack of GenStat.