Contact angle measuring system

The Drop Shape Analyzer (DSA) 30 is an instrument which can be used for the precise measurement of static and dynamic contact angles of sessile droplets. When contact angles of different test liquids are measured, the surface free energy of the substrate can be calculated.

Technical details

Sample stage

  • manually controlled XYZ stage;
  • XY range: 100 mm;
  • Z range: 38 mm.

Dosing system

  • software controlled dosing and droplet deposition;
  • resolution: 0.1 ul (using glass syringe);
  • speed: 10 – 1400 ul/min.


Contact angle measurement provides valuable information about wettability and adhesion, which are crucial parameters in various application areas such as:

  • coatings;
  • lubrication;
  • printing;
  • oil recovery.