Control sera

Customers can contact Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) to acquire control sera. Control sera are often requested for the development of diagnostic assays for veterinary pathogens.

Negative control sera

When setting up a new diagnostic tool, several control sera are required. First negative control sera are necessary to determine the background signal. For some diseases it is very difficult to obtain sera that are guaranteed free of antibodies against certain pathogens. Generally, WBVR will be able to supply such sera.

Positive control sera

Secondly, positive control sera are required for diagnostic development. These sera are first used to determine the maximum positive signal that can be achieved. In addition, a series of positive control sera can be used to determine the antigen sensitivity. We have positive control sera against several notifiable and endemic infectious diseases in livestock that can be used for these purposes.

Unable to find your control sera?

Our most common control sera are listed in the webshop and can be purchased easily. If the sera you require are not listed, feel free to contact us to enquire about availability.

More information

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