Productie van farmaceutische en industriële eiwitten door planten

ImpactVector™ is an integral part of Plant Research International of Wageningen University and Research Center, and aimed at serving the plant research community with high performing vectors for expression in plants.

Cytoplasmic expression


ImpactVector™ presently offers a product line of 10 vectors, all based on the very strong, light-regulated Rubisco promoter. They provide the researcher with a set of targeting and tagging tools for which there is no equivalent in the market. The ImpactVector1-series performs 8 times better than the CaMV35S promoter with expression levels of more than 7% of total soluble protein.

Custom services

Plants are uniquely capable of protein expression at very high yields and very low costs. The experience in plant expression of the research team behind ImpactVector can be used directly to serve your needs. We offer custom expression services in various plant species.