Bioscience Omics Facility

The Bioscience Omics Facility integrates of the complete omics infrastructure of Bioscience with integral links to expertise, knowledge and facilities elsewhere at WUR. Expertise and equipment are dedicated to state-of-the-art high throughput analyses of DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites and whole cells. Our infrastructure and expertise offers fast data availability, tailor-made solutions as well as advice and consultation with a guarantee of the highest quality possible


- Genomics: ultra-high throughput DNA sequencing (HiSeq;
MiSeq, PacBio); optical mapping (BioNano)

- Proteomics: Peptide-sequencing (Q-TOF LC-MS/MS)

- Metabolomics: comparative metabolite composition (GC(TOF)-MS,

- Data analysis and integration: applied bioinformatics

Areas of application

- Gene discovery

- Molecular marker analysis

- Accelerated plant breeding

- Industrial processes

- And many more