21st century skills

Within the elementary democratic school De Vallei students are the owner of their learning process to develop their own unique competencies. The school asked the Science Shop to provide insight into the development and value of the 21st century skills.

Within this project a new model has been developed that defines ten 21st century competencies. In the first place a study on national and international models has been conducted, in order to relate the new model to current developments in the field of 21st century competencies. Secondly, the model has been tailored to the vision of the school. The result is a model consisting of five clusters; personal responsibility; ways of working; ways of thinking; information, media and technology; and citizenship. The model contains ten 21st century competencies in total. Each competency has been divided into five to seven tasks, and contains a description of the corresponding behaviour, attitude and reflection aspect. This framework aims to: define the 21st century competencies; offer a guideline for observing and analysing 21st century competencies, offer an instrument to coach students in the development of their 21st century competencies.

Read more on the research and recommendations for De Vallei in the summary of in the Dutch report.