Call for partners: Replacing, reducing and refining animal experimentation required for the transition to future food systems

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Utrecht University (UU) join forces within a multidisciplinary 10-year programme to replace, reduce and refine (3R) the use of animal experimentation in the agri-food sector.

Our goal is to position the Netherlands as a frontrunner in 3R animal experimentation, while retaining its leading position in agrotechnology. We are looking for public and private partners across the knowledge chain to form a consortium and workshop long term research plans.

Integrated approach

The long term ambition of WUR and UU is to transform the way animal experiments are perceived, designed and deployed within the scientific and societal contexts in the agri-food sector. To this end, the programme will facilitate:

  1. Development of novel methodologies to replace animal experimentation where possible; (by widening investments),
  2. Critical evaluation and optimisation of current scientific practices, research infrastructure and data access, governmental regulation, and funding structures,
  3. Improvement of animal welfare,
  4. Societal dialogue around scientific practices,
  5. Mainstream recent insights on animal experimentation, both in scientific and international societal context, in education.

Anticipated consortium

This initiative is being developed to submit an application to the ‘Long term Programmes: Strategy driven consortia with impact’ NWO subsidy. This is a Dutch governmental funding programme that provides a powerful and long-term stimulus for the development of a scientific field in the Netherlands that focuses on a societal challenge. We aim to establish a consortium representing a wide array of stakeholders, including knowledge institutions, public and private sector organisations and companies active in the agri-food domain. The budget for this 10-year programme is estimated to be €30M. Granted projects receive 30% funding from the funding agency. The remaining 70% is contributed by knowledge institutions (min. 10%) and industry partners, with a minimum of 30% cash contribution from the private sector, spread over 10 years.

Interested in joining us?

In March 2021 online matchmaking sessions took place to meet fellow researchers and stakeholders and give information about the programme outline and opportunities for organisations or companies to join the consortium.

If you have questions about the consortium or are interested in joining, please feel free to reach out to our project leader Sonja de Vries.