AKIS: innovation policies

This project executes research at portfolio level into innovation-supported instruments and measures (the mix) that are used by governments, research institutions and industry in public-private cooperations in higher (golden triangle) and EU level in AKIS.

This is linked to seven functions (Hekkert & Ossebaard, 2010) which AKIS should fulfill in order to achieve innovation and transitions. In particular, it examines the role of civil society (f) actors that can influence the utilization of innovation. This is investigated for four national and international cases: two sectors (Horticulture and Livestock) and two areas of expertise (Food and Genomics). The knowledge contributes to the development of concepts and strategies for a coherent and consistent mix of knowledge and innovation measures at national and EU level.


In 2011 research cases with the following diversity were selected:

  • Specific sectoral: Greenhouse (Greenhouse as energy source)
  • Semi-specific sector wide: Sustainable Livestock (various programs)
  • Generic innovation challenge: Food (High Tech Europe / TFN and FND) and Genomics (CBSG, TTI GG).

The method is empirical and inductive.


This project combines knowledge, experience and previous evaluations with innovation programs and knowledge transfer at national and EU level. The output contributes to the KB-VI Concepts and assessment deliverables under public-private partnerships and concepts for knowledge transfer by SMEs.


  • English brochure with learning experiences and best practices
  • Scientific article.