Agricultural Green Development for intergrated nitrogen management of air and water in Quzhou and North China Plain

PhD research by Fanlei Meng

Research Challenges

    • A lack of quantitative N flows in the food chain considering the air-soil-water interactions
    • A need to develop environmental targets for N flows
    • A need to explore Agricultural Green Development options to meet environmental targets


The main objective is to assess nitrogen flows in the water-soil-air interactions with the food chain and identify Agricultural Green Development options for meeting environmental targets for future N emissions in Quzhou and North China Plain.


Fig. 1: Research Framework
Fig. 1: Research Framework

Preliminary results and conclusions

    • Current nutrient use efficacies in Quzhou are low (Figure 2)
    • The nitrogen losses are relatively higher in the following towns of Quzhou: Yizhuang and Dahedao
    • Next steps are to improve the food chain model (NUFER) with local information to provide a spatially explicit assessment of nitrogen flows
Fig 2. Nitrogen flows in Quzhou's food chain in 2017
Fig 2. Nitrogen flows in Quzhou's food chain in 2017