Areas with evident production constraints

The goal of this project is to further elaborate the areas of the Common Agricultural Policy.

This will include a clear and objective demarcation of areas where the production conditions for land-based agriculture in not (or cannot be) competitive because of obvious natural of administrative disability and where continuation of land-based agriculture is socially desirable. This project is focused on the operationalization of the concept  of ‘obvious production handicap’ and to make a selection of areas on the basis of some principles and to view this in map images.

It appears that 42% of the total agricultural area in some way is ‘production disabled’. Whether and how the payment for areas with obvious production handicaps will be completed will be further understood in the coming period. It’s possible to do this by making a distinction between high-productive areas and valuable areas with production handicaps.  It is also possible to make extra efforts on areas that are most relevant in a European context, namely the delta areas in the Netherlands and grassland birds.