Bio Base Westland

Residues and waste from market gardening are usually composted. The fibres from the leaves and stalks can also be used for producing paper and cardboard. And you can extract compounds for the chemical or pharmaceuticals industries from tomatoes that do not look good enough to make it to the shops.

The Westland area is the hotbed of Dutch greenhouse farming. Together with horticultural companies and other local stakeholders, the municipality of Westland wants to develop a bio-based industrial site for processing and commercialising vegetable materials. “This is promoting a sustainable regional economy, cutting transport costs and creating a possible source of income local greenhouses,” says LEI researcher Theo Vogelzang. LEI helped determine the best location for a bio-based industrial site: the Biobased Boulevard of Van Vliet Contrans in Hoek van Holland. “Bio Base Westland followed that advice and is now busy with the realisation phase.”