Some details:
Funded within the program: Erasmus+ (call 2017)
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action: Strategic Partnerships
Field: Strategic Partnerships for higher education
Main objective of the project: Development of Innovation

The objective of this proposed strategic partnership between six universities, BoostEdu, is to establish a platform for creating and implementing flexible continuous education (CE) for food professionals across Europe, in the first step targeting the need to develop innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) skills in the European food sector. The high quality, international, comprehensive knowledge in the area of I&E, only achievable when universities collaborate sharing visions, methods and tools, will be transferred to a wide community of food industries with the use of novel, innovative, digital pedagogical tools and learning methodologies (e.g. Massive Open Online Course - MOOC, gamification, blended learning, flipped classroom).


BoostEdu will target and involve selected food companies in Europe to ensure a close relation to the transnational industrial needs for CE and close the gap between industry needs and academic curricula. Furthermore, the partnership will share its insights, experience and networks in the field of I&E in the food sector in order to develop, implement and widely disseminate curricula for a formal I&E course track to efficiently and rapidly transfer knowledge and reduce the distance between academia and industry. The aim is to establish a curriculum for a flexible I&E programme based on three progressing stages of complementary but interconnected learning:  


•      basic level – MOOC, accessible free of cost

•      intermediate level – e-learning course with admission fee

•      advanced level – on-site courses in each of the participating countries with admission fee