Business opportunities for the Ethiopian potato sector

Analyzing possibilities for the Ethiopian potato.

Objectives of the project

  • The following three major activities are needed to achieve the objective of the programme:
    • organization and capacity building,
    • assuring propagation material and
    • postharvest technology and marketing of potato (produce).
  • Dutch companies already indicated their interest when requested by the agricultural councillor at the Addis embassy early 2012. Ethiopian actors are likely the Agricultural Research Institute at Holetta and the Solagrow company but additional ones need to be identified.
  • Operationalize demos of supply chain (role for Wageningen UR sites with demos of variety, seed, mechanization (role for APH), fertilization, crop protection, on farm postharvest operations).
  • Set up of a variety screening system and rapid multiplication scheme. Netherlands input from Meijer, Agrico, HZPC, Europlant (variety introduction and maintenance) and VCI (rapid multiplication.
  • Marketing studies and foster interest with national businesses (Wageningen UR)


  • Report