Call for partners: Creating reformulated foods & impact on blood glucose and well-being


Call for partners: Creating reformulated foods & impact on blood glucose and well-being

You want to develop healthier products with a low glycaemic index (GI), a sustained glucose release and great taste, colour and mouthfeel. But how can you be certain that these products are really healthier? That's what Wageningen University & Research wants to investigate in this public-private partnership. Together with ingredient suppliers and food manufacturers we will develop a completely new study approach to determine the impact of high quality reformulated products on health and well-being. You're most welcome to join us in this project.

Current evidence-based dietary guidelines do not sufficiently take into account individual traits, needs and preferences. The guidelines are fixated on long-term effects while consumers' motivation for a healthy diet is often driven by short-term health concerns, perceived well-being and taste.


To help consumers make responsible and healthy food choices, reformulated products need to be developed, amongst others with increased dietary fibre content and a more sustained energy release from carbohydrates. A new research model is required with a stronger focus on individuals and the short-term effects of foods on both physical and mental well-being.


Two stages

The project will be conducted in two stages:

1.       Reformulation

Firstly, we will develop high-quality reformulated products with improved nutritional profiles (i.e. reduced sugar and total carbohydrates, increased fibre content) by using the very latest knowledge of sugar, fibre and carbohydrate functionality in protein-starch matrices. To achieve this reformulation, we will implement quantitative descriptions of mechanisms relating the properties and formulations of ingredients to the quality of end products.

2.       Human clinical trial

Secondly, we will develop an entirely novel study approach in which the impact of these new reformulated products on blood glucose levels will be tested. It will ascertain the impact on blood sugar levels and link these outcomes to human well-being, both physical and mental.


We are inviting ingredient suppliers and food manufacturers with an interest in innovations related to healthy food products to join this project. Together, we will generate new insights into the integration of food technology, food physiology and consumer well-being. This will be achieved using a completely new research approach which includes:

  • Technological opportunities to develop high-quality food products with sustained energy release and a low GI.
  • Detailed and concrete information on the effect of the new reformulated food products on blood glucose levels over time.
  • Understanding the link between particular short-term behaviours (such as physical activity or sleep) and the metabolic response to particular foods/meals.
  • Experience with a new research concept allowing direct side-by-side comparison of specific food products and meals in a scientifically and fully controlled setting that reflects real-life conditions, as well as a better understanding of inter and intra-individual variability.


Industrial partners will be asked for contributions both in cash and in kind. The latter can take the form of ingredients, internal support during product development, equipment and/or hours spent on the project.