Call for partners: Make your agri-food sourcing strategy more climate resilient


Call for partners: Make your agri-food sourcing strategy more climate resilient

The effects of climate change are increasingly influencing agricultural sourcing. Extreme weather conditions such as drought and heavy rainfall are putting pressure on products including grains, coffee, vegetables, fruit and many other crops. More insight into the expected effects of climate change is essential, in order to be able to guarantee stable and high-quality supplies of raw materials. At the same time, this indicates the key issues that form the basis for a necessary collaboration between supply chain and sector parties.

Buyers of agri-food products will then also be challenged to make their purchasing strategy more climate resilient. In addition, financial organisations will be given more insight into possible risks and farm input producers will be given the opportunity of contributing to sustainable solutions.

In the public-private research project Climate Smart Agri Sourcing, an approach has been developed which supports you every step of the way in optimising your sourcing strategy. You will be the first to receive proven and feasible solutions, based on the latest technologies, which you can apply directly in your organisation. We use map visualisation tools, suitability tests from current and future agri-food purchasing regions, satellite information and specific plant and cultivation models.

Why take part in public-private research?

  • The subject is too large and complex to tackle alone
  • Network on content: immediate access to the knowledge and experience of collaborative partners
  • Greater returns on your investment by joining forces
  • Be the first to access the latest insights