Call for partners: Personalized Nutrition food products


Call for partners: Personalized Nutrition food products

Personalized nutrition (PN) approaches are gaining traction, however creating a solid business in the PN sector remains challenging for many Food & Beverage companies as turning PN advice into actual food products is not easy. This project will study various PN use cases focusing on the unique possibilities of 3D printing technology to locally produce truly personalized foods. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and TNO are welcoming partners to join this innovative Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) consortium.

Innovations for the manufacturing and marketing of fully personalized food products

Personalized nutrition  approaches are gaining traction as the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to health becomes increasingly outdated. This is highlighted by a growing number of companies offering personalized diets or food supplements based on questionnaires, DNA tool-kits, or self-measurement devices. In spite of the increasing knowledge on the positive effects of food and the ability to tailor nutritional advice to the individual, creating business in the PN sector remains challenging as turning the PN advice into actual food products is not easy. DFPI partners Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and TNO are looking to bridge this gap between PN advice and PN food products by setting up a research project with partners from various scientific and commercial backgrounds in order to arrive at sound PN business cases supported by innovative production technology.

Multidisciplinary research aproach

Bringing together knowledge on business case development, consumer research, measurements of health and wellness, translation into PN advice, ingredients and formulation and innovative technology like 3D food printing, DFPI will carry out a 3 year project in which consortia of commercial partners will work jointly on the creation of innovative PN services and food products.

Firstly, the project will focus on the further elaboration of initial concept business cases, with activities resulting in user requirement documents, machine concepts, and first consumer testing of demo PN services and products.

This phase is followed by the development of the first prototype equipment required for the envisioned use case. Last-but-not-least, field and consumer tests are executed with the developed equipment, as are consumer and/or taste panel tests with the (3D Printed) PN food products and a gap analysis for commercialization of the technology.

Join us!

This consortium is open for participation from all relevant stakeholders within the food production chain from ingredient companies to consumer goods manufacturers, retail, out-of-home, tech companies, healthcare companies, etc.  In return for in-cash and in-kind contributions to the project, partners can specify use cases and end-products for research and provide direction to the research activities. We would be pleased to further discuss the opportunities within PPP 3DPN for you.