Call for partners: Urban food systems megacities

Do you work in urban food system development and are you looking for pioneers in science and business? Join us in our program to develop high-tech food systems for megacities.

Prof. Dr. Annemieke Roobeek, Chair for Strategy and Transformation Management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit and founder of GrwNxt, together with Dr. Ir. Marian Stuiver from Wageningen University and Research (WUR) invite you to cooperate in an R&D collaborative program with input from thought leaders from various industries on “Feeding MegaCities.”

Data-driven fresh food production

We focus on data-driven fresh food production concepts for the day after tomorrow. Those who want to participate in developing disruptive solutions are welcome to join us in our R&D collaborative program. As designers of ecosystems we work on a growing network of pioneers who are not afraid to work with visionaries.

Annemieke Roobeek and Marian Stuiver aim to set up a series of projects for the safety, security and sustainability of a fresh food infrastructure connecting  production facilities within the world’s megacities. In 2050, the world population will have grown from seven to nine billion and an increasing middle class will ask for a healthy diet. How do you provide a growing urban middle class with fresh food in a sustainable way?

Modular climate rooms with fully controlled environments

The Netherlands is a world leader in horticulture and green technologies supplying greenhouses, seeds, and all kinds of specialized equipment and subsystems. But times are changing. Climate change, urbanization, shortening of production and distribution chains, are just a few to mention. In this program the orientation is on modular climate rooms with fully controlled environments. To reach standardization important breakthrough innovations in terms of systems and horticultural intelligence are required.  

We work within the concept of ecosystems to include cross-sector parties to speed up innovation. Annemieke Roobeek is expert in ecosystems and networking Webbers. These are persons that connect and collaborate with the greater goal in sight. A networking ecosystem provides the setting to come up with innovative solutions for Feeding Megacities.

About GrwNxt

GrwNxt is the integrating company for the data-driven fresh food infrastructure in Megacities. GrwNxt is supported by various companies and organizations such as Certhon, Alumat Zeeman, Ridder, Cultilene, Rijk Zwaan, Signify, WUR, and MeetingMoreMinds. By using the most advanced indoor farming techniques, such as cutting-edge data analytics and innovative LED-lighting, GrwNxt can grow crops pesticide-free with minimum use of water, waste streams and CO2 emissions. Prof. Dr. Annemieke Roobeek is the initiator, conceptualizer and founder of GrwNxt. She has a strong track record in developing collaborative strategies for transformation. She has done years of research in the greentech and horticulture sector, is a well-known international speaker, visionary and organizer of Master classes on Feeding Megacities.

Green Cities

The unique role of Wageningen University and Research is to combine knowledge of subsystems (vertical farming, daylight sharing, data) with knowledge on urban planning and governance in connecting the parties and to organize the integral vision and innovations that result from this. Marian Stuiver is the initiator of the topic Urban Food Systems as part of the program Green Cities at WUR. She is head of the program Team Green Cities and a strategic and visionary leader with elaborate experience in senior roles and a robust track record in Social Sciences. She is a specialist in multi-stakeholder programs (research, education, business development) for sustainable urbanisation, climate adaptation and mitigation, green growth and inclusive development.