Care–Physical Activity initiatives in the neighbourhood

This research focuses on the evaluation of national health policy that aims to stimulate Health in all Policies (HiAP) at local level and integrated care–physical activity (PA) initiatives at neighbourhood level. The research will be conducted in two municipalities (Veenendaal and Arnhem), supporting five deprived neighbourhoods in implementing care–PA initiatives targeting socially vulnerable adults. Meetings with local stakeholders and citizens in Veenendaal and Arnhem revealed that, despite a strong motivation to make HiAP and care–PA initiatives work, several factors hinder participation in, and implementation of, HiAP and care–PA initiatives for socially vulnerable groups. These factors are supported by international literature, indicating the breadth of the problem. With this research, we aim to gain improved insight into how local care–PA initiatives and HiAP can be best implemented, facilitated and evaluated.

Key outputs of the research are:
• Insight into the benefits of participation in HiAP and care–PA initiatives
• Strengthened program set up for both Veenendaal and Arnhem in which research activities and capacities are integrated as part of activities
• (Improved) methods and tools to facilitate and evaluate HiAP and care–PA initiatives at local level
• Overview of action elements of HiAP and care–PA initiatives at local level
• Policy recommendations for adequate funding models stimulating intersectoral collaboration at local level

The research is  innovative because it studies processes and outcomes at multiple levels  (i.e. municipal, care–PA initiative and citizen level) not in isolation,  but in connection with one another. Moreover, the research design builds on the existing local context; this generates not  only insight into what is effective and why, but also actionable  knowledge to improve policy and practice immediately.

This project is part of 'Wonen en leven in een gezonde wijk en omgeving' (Dwelling and living in a healthy neighborhood and area): a research and intervention programme that is part of a larger project that focuses on prevention.

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