Competence Modelling for Export Performance Improvement in Ethiopia

Worku Birru


In November 2011, Worku Birru started his PhD-project entitled ‘Competence Modelling for Export Performance Improvement in Ethiopia’. His research belongs to the category of ‘Competence for sustainable development (including social learning and transformative learning)’.


Worku was born in 1976 in Ethiopia. He has earned his BSc in Marketing and Sales Management from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia and MBA in Small and Medium Enterprise Development from University of Leipzig, Germany. He has worked as a branch manager in one of the largest Microfinance institutions in Ethiopia. Up until he came to Wageningen for his PhD study, he has been working for Center for Rural Development Studies, College of Development Studies, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia with academic rank of Lecturer.


Export is increasingly seen as an important route for entrepreneurial firms to realize their growth potential. However, many firms from developing countries do not dare to internationalize due to a perceived lack of competence. Moreover, companies that do engage in exporting activities often perform poorly, in part because of a failure to identify  prioritize and develop the required competencies for sustained export. To gain more insight into the relationship between export and competencies in developing countries, Worku Birru is working on competence modelling, using extant literature, experts’ validation, and survey research with Ethiopian exporting firms.

Project team

Specific Studies


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