Connecting the Beekdal landscape in Heelsum

The working group Verbindend Landschap (Connecting Landscape) has asked the Science Shop to investigate how to achieve a better coherence in spatial, ecological and economic quality of the Heelsum stream valley.

Although the Heelsums brook valley area is valued highly by stakeholders for its cultural-historical values and diversity in landscapes, the diversity of landowners in the area lack an integral vision in which these values may be preserved and possibly ameliorated. In addition to this, multiple courses of action can be taken, depending on the willingness of stakeholders to dedicate their resources (time, money) to the area. However, due to the lack of information on e.g., nutrient values in the water and reliable data on species in the area, there is a need for a baseline from which development of the area will occur. In order to establish this baseline and develop scenarios (different courses of action), a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will be executed. Together these will lead to a management plan and a process inclusive of stakeholders and civil society representation.

More information in Dutch.