Cultivation above the ground: Strawberry

The cultivation of strawberries on racks is expanding. It is expected that this expansion is heading towards 500 acres within the coming five years. However, insufficient attention is paid to the reduction of the emission of nutrients. By clarifying the problem, proposing solutions in terms of recycling nutritional water and explore the remaining issues together with the industry, results can be made in the field of reducing the emissions of nutrients towards groundwater and surface water.


Two problems arise at the implementation of re-use of drainage water/first flush: 1) The existing risk of the spread of fungi in rack-cultivation keeps growers from reusing drain water and 2) the risk of spreading Xanthamonas in tray-field cultivation keeps growers from reusing the first flush of the tray-fields.

Therefore the goal of this project is to achieve a closing circulation of water and nutrients in the cultivation of strawberries on racks in which the spread of diseases can be prevented. The aim is to leave out peat substrate from this system because the use of peat is under debate. For the cultivation on tray-fields the goal is also to achieve a closing circulation of water and nutrients.