Delta program

Netherlands is the most secure delta in the world. But how can we ensure that we remain secure against flooding now and in the future and that we have plenty of fresh water?

And how can we ensure that the Netherlands is also an attractive country to live, work and invest in? The measures required for this job, are being prepared and developed in the Delta program. The Delta Program is a national program in which government, provinces, municipalities work together with civil society, businesses and research institutes, under the direction of the government commissioner for the Delta Program.

The government takes decisions on major investment decisions in the Delta. In addition, she uses the 'standard SCBA methodology' and wrestles with its limitations. This Delta Decisions affect many other decisions taken by other governments and entrepreneurs . The current standard SCBA methodology takes no account of the anticipation by governments and entrepreneurs on those decisions.

The aim of the project is to further develop and adapt the interactive assessment methodology of Wageningen UR in an way that it is tailored to the Delta Issues. Features of the Delta issues are: small probabilities, large potential damages, timing of investments, balancing technological and environmental solutions, balancing public and private initiative, sustainability and integrated approach.

The result is that Wageningen UR is in the picture at the Delta Program with its assessment methodology for taking major decisions.