Demeter: data for food safety

RIKILT is coordinator of the EU project Demeter. This project is about the use of data regarding the identification of emerging food safety issues at an early stage.

Food chains are more complex

Increased global trade is making food chains more complex, both in terms of geographical spread and the rapid distribution of goods. The increasing complexity of the chain makes it more difficult to oversee and assess all drivers of change for food safety risks in a particular chain.

Yesterday’s emerging issue may be tomorrow’s crisis

As such, yesterday’s emerging issue in one area may be tomorrow’s crisis in a different place. Dealing with this complexity requires a high degree of scientific and technical expertise.

Advantages of digital / data-driven solutions

Demeter is about the use of new data mining and data science solutions (digital technologies). The goal of Demeter is to help to overcome current constraints to enable identification of emerging food safety issues at an early stage. In that way timely measures can be taken to prevent these becoming a food safety risk.

Support EFSA

The objectives and research proposed in this project are specifically designed to support current (and future) European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) procedures for emerging risks identification.

Integrated, open-source solutions

We want to support EFSA by providing a set of integrated, open-source solutions that will allow EFSA and EU Member State authorities to share data, knowledge and methods in a rapid and effective manner.

Demeter EU-project