PhD - Designing atmospheres: thermal perception in Dutch urban squares

This project depicted microclimate perception of people in Dutch squares through on-site measurements and interviews with thousands of visitors of the squares.

It showed that a range of microclimate problems exist in many Dutch squares, especially related to wind nuisance. The overwhelming media coverage of this research indicated that this study addresses an important issue: taking microclimate into account was forgotten in the design of most Dutch squares. Accordingly, various design solutions were shaped and tested through Envi-met in a research through designing process. This project extended earlier, first phenomenological approaches to urban climate perception with a spatial dimension. New research methods to depict people‚Äôs thermal perception, such as mental mapping, were introduced and have inspired many researchers in the past years.

Link PhD Sanda Lenzholzer, full text

PhD research Sanda Lenzholzer, non-funded,
Supervisors: Jusuck Koh, Lutz Katzschner