Egg bio-industry

The aim of this research is to design examples of sustainable processed egg production systems, with special attention for the match between hygienic demands and other product specifications and animal and environment friendliness.

In the design process, stakeholders with a drive to improve sustainability of the broiler production system are connected. This increases chances for realization of innovative sustainable practices.


Processed egg production is an international business, with a limited number of key players in a growing market. The Netherlands are important in developments on all levels of the processed egg industry.

With regard to sustainability, processed egg production has dead lock problems: on the one hand, a very low CO2 footprint for animal products, on the other hand, opposition with regard to welfare of the inherently extremely efficient birds and (cage)housing systems. The welfare problems, however, are only recognized in part of the producing and consuming countries.


  • Brief of Requirements for hen, entrepreneur, consumer/citizen, egg processor and processed egg utiliser and the environment.
  • Inspiring designs for sustainable poultry production.
  • Relations between highly motivated stakeholders connected to poultry production, that drive sustainable development.