Electrochemical production of 'green' oxidizing agents

Development of a new process to produce locally hydrogen peroxide in a sustainable way without using chemicals for disinfection or oxidation in the food and water sector.

In this project, a process is being developed to produce hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid via an electrochemical route. The aim is to make pure hydrogen peroxide with limited energy consumption (5 kWh/kg). This can be achieved by working without electrolytes in the process. That is what the research focuses on. The use of electrolyte can be avoided by 'melting' the electrode with the selective membrane at both the anode and the cathode, so that no more electrolyte is needed in the space between electrode and membrane. In the project it will be investigated how this membrane-electrode assembly (MEA) can best be made and its performance will be tested on a laboratory scale with regard to yield and purity of hydrogen peroxide and energy consumption. Partners involved in this project are ACN Water Treatment, Royal Avebe, PWG (Pure Water Group) and W&F Technologies. ACN Water Treatment and Royal Avebe will be end users of the developed process. In the project, the technology will also be demonstrated on an application at Royal Avebe. PWG and W&F technologies are partners that can supply the technology.