Entrepreneurs and volunteers together in a food initiative

Almeerse Weelde is a group of around thirty people who are engaged with passion and craftsmanship, with food from their local area. They asked the Science Shop to find an answer to the questions: What is the best way to continue to develop the Almeerse Weelde concept?

Products are sold under the Almeerse Weelde label. There is a catering company, there are cooking workshops, and edible walks are organised. Besides the production and processing of local products, Almeerse Weelde also aims to raise awareness, knowledge and enthusiasm for local food.

There are two groups, with different interests, within Almeerse Weelde. One group has a passion for the production and preparation of local food on a volunteer basis. This group especially enjoys the social benefits of being a member. The second group is more focused on a commercial approach and wants to sell the products of Almeerse Weelde on a commercial basis. This causes problems when decisions need to be made, on for example, standards for volume and quality of products. Thereby Almeerse Weelde has entered an impasse. To get out of this impasse and to determine the desired direction of development, three steps can be taken:

  1. Develop a common vision, based on shared values;
  2. Convert the common vision into a strategy;
  3. Develop an organisational model that suits the strategy.

By following these steps Almeerse Weelde can progress into a sustainable, future-oriented organisation for local food.