Flexibility in management measures

A decision support system will be developed for the management of areas. This instrument should be flexible, in order to be able to cope with extreme conditions in the future.


A decision support system is necessary for making decisions about taking measures to manage potential impacts of uncertainty and extreme conditions as climate change. Besides the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, also managers of forest, nature and water and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector are taking advantage of the research. These groups have an interest in efficient and cost effective methods of management and organization of areas. This project has designed a management system with five steps to achieve an overview of opportunities to build in more flexibility in the management of nature reserves. The five steps are applied, tested and developed in two areas in the Netherlands: De Borkeld in Overijssel and De Kop van Schouwen in Zeeland. The development of the system steps into a nationally useful tool still requires some work.