ICES pulse cod fishing

In the autumn of 2010 research was done in Norway under the guidance of IMARES. Cod was exposed to stimulation pulse in order to document the effects of these pulses on cod.


This project has two main objectives:

  1. Researching whether or not the tests in Norway are representing the reality. It was therefore examined whether the simulated pulse is representative to the reality.
  2. Because cod can be damaged under the influence of pulse stimulation, it is examined whether the length of the cod influences the damaging.

Results show that the length of the cod indeed plays a role in the damaging of cods under the influence of pulse stimulation. Damaging did not occur at small length cods (12-14 centimeters), but it did occur at larger cods (~50 centimeters). It was also established that the pulse in the simulation in Norway was representative for the pulse that is used in fishing, and that in case of measurements of field strength in situ it is important that the fishing gear is on the bottom.