INNOFER - innovative products from by-products and wastes

Organic waste is not collected separately in a major part of the European Union. In parts of the EU where this does happen, the waste in most cases, is composted. Reuse of this organic waste as a fertilizer in the agricultural sector is high on the agenda of the European Commission.

INNOFER will assess and use this potential and contribute to sustainable crop production and soil productivity and quality across regions in Europe. It will demonstrate effective innovative processing  and application of biochar and compost. The biochar should have qualities beneficial to soils such that amendment

  1. increases the efficiency of compost, chemical fertilizers and pesticides,
  2. reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  3. increases carbon sequestration in soils and
  4. yield bioenergy.

INNOFER will assess scenarios on amount and quality of  organic wastes available within EU in the near future to identify and map their potential for recycling nutrients in biochar or  compost.


The first step for Alterra will be data collection. This will focus on:

  •  Amounts and qualities of waste to be collected
  •  The consideration of data for the evaluation
  •  Innovative concepts for collection of separated and mixed waste.


Results are:

  • Report on arising, typology, characteristic and trends in generation and destiny of biowaste from households
  • Report on typology, characteristic and trends in generation and destiny of organic waste from agriculture
  • Overview of waste and other environmental policy and related influence on treatment, disposal and economics of biowaste from households and other organic waste
  • Report on source separation and collection as well as evaluation of conditioning technologies of mixed waste (secondary separation) concerning quality.