Impact of shrimp fishing on Natura 2000 areas

Shrimp fishing is a hitherto unregulated fishing that primarily operates in the Dutch coastal zone, Wadden Sea and the area around Sylt.

The majority of the shrimp fishery takes place in Natura 2000 areas, which often some additional protection status, such as the Wadden Sea (Ramsar Convention, World Heritage Site).

The effect of the shrimp rig on the soil ecosystem is not well known. For the future development consent and associated appropriate assessment must be clear what this effect. Therefore, research is vital. Given the hitherto little information on bycatch in the shrimp fishery is also typical for the catch of species listed habitat types and species of Natura 2000 needs additional information.

The goal of this project is to map the effects of shrimp fishing in the Dutch Natura 2000 areas on the soil ecosystem.

The result is insight into the impact of shrimp rig on the soil ecosystem to apply for authorization.

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