Inclusive Value Chain Models for Area-based Aquaculture Certification

The study is part of the ‘Supermarket supported area-based management and certification of aquaculture in Southeast Asia or SUPERSEAS’ project, funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Aquaculture is the main source of export earnings and it contributes to food security for developing countries. Advances in aquaculture technology have enabled developing countries to significantly increase production. However, certification systems controlled food safety and market requirements have been imposed. In addition, international retail-led stores acquire certain requirements over their suppliers. This might lead to the exclusion of Southeast Asian smallholder aquaculture which is among the main producer of seafood products worldwide.

This study explores value chain arrangements led by retailers who are based mainly in Southeast Asia. It also explores regional trade policies under ASEAN within the context of an area-based management. The study assesses potential improvements for upgrading the inclusion of these smallholders in the value chain from an area-based perspective. Furthermore, the study aims to identify possible reactions of external chain actors that could support inclusive actions.