Innovatieve visserijmethoden wolhandkrab IJsselmeer

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ) intends to offer more economic possibilities for fishery on the Mitten Crab on the IJsselmeer in case it is demonstrated that this will not lead to substantial bycatch of perch, roach, bream, pikeperch and eel. Fishery on Mitten Crab is possible with various fishing gear containing special adjustments for escape of European eel and other commercial important fish species. These are new fishing rear for the IJsselmeer. The extent of the bycatch and the selectivity of these fishing gear will be investigated in a pilot experiment carried out by commercial fishermen on the IJsselmeer including an observers programme by IMARES. The period of the pilot will be one year (2016). The preparations are carried out in 2015. The final reporting will take place in the first quarter of 2017.