Innovations that benefit society

The multifunctional agricultural sector has become more professional and is therefore more under attention.

The quality of the services should therefore be up and calamities on farms can have repercussions on the entire sector. In addition, growth associated with possible disruption to the environment, thinking of possible congestion or adaptions of large companies in the crowded landscape. The sector benefits from robust business systems that provide solutions for new requirements and demands from society.

The goal of this project is the design of new multifunctional business embodying requirements and constraints of society and to increase and secure the quality of services and products. The scope of this project lies in the medium term (5 -15 years). All relevant stakeholders and users design together so as to ensure that all relevant parties are fully  committed to the developed business.

For a number of important issues generic strategies and specific solutions are appointed. These are tested in practice and were endorsed by the practice. If the strategies should be widely applicable a number of issues are still to be figured out. Thus, the option of physically separating the company into an agricultural area and a service area research is needed on the tax consequences of emergencies. In 2012 the focus is on resolving such matters.