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Internet-based application protein innovations and Novel Foods

Proteins are an important part of our diet. To ensure sufficient availability of proteins even with the increasing worldwide demand a shift is needed from traditional proteins such as meat and dairy toward new protein rich products, such as meat replacements and innovative proteins.

To realize this shift, companies need to create innovations in the field of proteins. A lack of knowledge and information hampers companies to develop and market such new protein rich products. Specifically, companies that are currently developing and marketing new protein rich products indicated serious impediments from the Regulation on novel foods and novel food ingredients((EG) Nr. 258/97 and from a lack of knowledge and information.

The aim of this project is to develop an internet-based application ‘Eiwitinnovaties’ (protein innovations) to stimulate knowledge development and dissemination. This internet application includes knowledge in the field of protein innovations and information about the novel food Regulation and the procedures and organizations related to the novel food Regulation.