Knowledge for policies on multifunctional agriculture

This project is about knowledge infrastructure, grey & green education and the role of multifunctional agriculture in shrink areas.

The Ministry of EL&I and the Task Force Multifunctional Landbouw (MFL) need to know about:

  1. strengthening the knowledge infrastructure
  2. research for new entrants in the Multifunctional Agriculture (MFL)
  3. the role of MFL in relation to shrinkage and vitality of rural areas.

To investigate this, the project is divided into three parts:

Sub project Knowledge

The aim is an opinion on a future knowledge infrastructure. This infrastructure stimulates the development and flow of knowledge in multifunctional agriculture. How should it encourage entrepreneurship in this sector?

Sub project Grey & Green education

The aim is to encourage connections of green and gray education, to achieve better education for future multifunctional entrepreneurs and employees

Sub project Shrink Areas

The aim is to research the value of multifunctional agriculture in the shrinking northeast Groningen and the underlying lines of argument.


Sub project Knowledge

Change in policy from key stakeholders has greater effect on the dynamics of knowledge than a policy document. The professionalization of (sub) sector organizations and its interests is developing in the right direction.

Sub project Grey & Green education

Green education is in the perception of the young entrepreneur MFL not adequately equipped for its task to deliver good MFL entrepreneurs. Partly Green education is very much aware of its flaws. Entrepreneurs who would again face the choice would most opt for non-green education.

Looking at how to improve this, it is important to distinguish different levels of learning. MBO 2 +3 focuses on craftsmanship, above (+ HBO) requires more entrepreneurship. This is possible through cooperation with non green education, integrating modules into practice in MFL companies and make the connection just there.

Sub project Shrink Areas

The (multifunctional) agriculture has added value in mitigating the effects of shrinkage for the northeast Groningen. Agricultural and multifunctional entrepreneurs contribute by example to the livability of the area northeast Groningen by maintaining facilities. The agricultural sector is positioning itself as socially committed and creates goodwill and support from citizens.