Knowledge networks 2

The aim of the project is to develop and disseminate knowledge on sustainable fishing techniques and / or working in an alliance of practice, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders such as industry, NGOs, governments and education.

These knowledge circles trying to apply new technologies to connect with existing custom or newly developing business strategies and business models. Also, they investigate howto connect  (technology / process) innovations with further chain objectives and social transition assignments. The knowledge networks play in this respect an active role in achieving a more sustainable fisheries.

In addition, the process is object of interest: learning about how cooperation can come to knowledge creation and sustainability of the sector.

The result is that the knowledge circles meet around three to five times per year. The participants have prepared a knowledge agenda and have reached agreement on the use of any knowledge in answering questions. Sometimes it is about a literature review, but more often about practical experiments. Participants can share experiences and results and formulate additional knowledge questions, depending on progress.

Researchers IMARES and LEI accompany the knowledge circles. The instructors share the experience so central and common learning experiences arise.

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