Knowledge networks 2011

The fishing industry wants more sustainable and better economic prospects for the future. Therefore, the sector is looking for alternatives to improve fish at a lower cost to deliver in a way that takes into account demands from society.

The aim of the project is to develop and disseminate knowledge on sustainable fishing techniques and / or working in an alliance of practice, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders such as  companies, NGOs, governments and education. This so-called knowledge circles trying to apply new technologies to connect with existing custom or newly developing business strategies and business models. Also, they explore how innovations can affect ongoing social transition chain objectives and tasks. The knowledge networks play in this respect an active role in achieving a more sustainable fisheries.

Of, by and for fishermen: fishermen work together to make their fisheries sustainable. They work to reduce environmental impact, reducing their costs and increasing their revenues. This is done under the guidance of IMARES and LEI.

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