Modern, sustainable, protected greenhouse cultivation in Algeria

Development of modern and sustainable protected cultivation in Algeria with Dutch technology and Dutch know-how.

Objectives of the project

  • Create an enabling environment for the development of modern and sustainable protected cultivation  in Algeria with active engagement of the Dutch technology and Dutch know-how.
  • Contribute to the international policy of the Dutch government related to the sustainable chain and 3 golden triangles.
  • Participate in the demand and the need of the Algerian government regarding modernisation of  Algerian horticulture sector, capacity building, research, transfer of knowledge.
  • Comply with the request of the Algerian ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for bilateral cooperation on modern horticulture as mentioned in the signed agreement in 2010 between the two countries.
  • Draft a road map and set up of a public private partnership including Algerian Investors to realize a demonstration/production facility.


  • Report of visit 6-12 oct 2012 with meetings and analysis of structure of Algerian horticulture
  • Report of visit 9-14 Dec 2012, together with G2G Algeria, presenting our results and some additional visits to stakeholders
  • Presentation: Horticulture sous serre: moderne et durable