Mussert's Wall

In the Dutch memory the World War 2 culture, the discussion on managing and memorializing difficult heritage has long been eluded. Recently, a national discussion was ignited by the so called Mussert's Wall, which is related to the National Socialist Movement (NSB) in the Netherlands. This wall is part of a rally ground for the NSB and it has been named after Anton Mussert, the leader of the NSB.

In 2018 the Dutch Minister of Culture decided to declare the Wall as a National Monument. This decision ended several years of heavy disputes in politics and in the media, but even more important, it seems to mark a new era in the cultural memory. After memorialising hero's and victims, now the attention becomes focused on the dark pages in history which should not be forgotten.

A Science Shop research project focused on how to best deal with the wall by reviewing the disputes, putting them in an international perspective and by involving many young students in a challenge called "Ideas for the future of Mussert's Wall". Thereby investigating how the complex around the wall can best be preserved and how to give new meanings to it?

The results of this project can be found (in Dutch) on the Dutch part of this website.