Nature and recreation: Capacity of Lac Bay Bonaire

Lac Bay is a nature reserve that contains many rare flora and fauna. To maintain Lac Bay in good condition, parts of the mangrove and water connections with rear parts of the lagoon are repaired. Also, users and usage pressure are mapped.


The lagoon of Lac on Bonaire is approximately 700 acres and contains some of the richest mangrove and seagrass habitats of the Dutch Caribbean BES islands. The area is designated as a protected RAMSAR site and is managed by the Bonaire Marine Park.

The recreation area is under growing pressure and the joint surfaces of mangroves and seagrasses have declined steadily in recent decades. The aim of this project is the implementation of four components of the Action Plan for Lac.

There are good results achieved for:

  • Preconditions for restoring mangrove growth 
  • Description of the zoning of aquatic habitats at the landscape level within Lac. 
  • Mapping users and user pressure on Lac.  
  • Mapping of the use of Lac by birds during the migratory season.