Nature policy plan Caribbean Netherlands 2011-2016

The nature policy of the Netherlands Antilles from 2001 to 2005 will be evaluated and the current state of art concerning the nature policy will be mapped.


In 2011, there is no Nature Policy for the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles. What is the situation regarding the implementation and execution of the Nature Policy Plan 2001-2005 for the Netherlands Antilles?
Research shows:

  • The 47 policy objectives and projects mentioned in the Nature Policy Plan 2001-2005 were translated in 61 action items. 
  • The ministry has mentioned 31 as fully or largely achieved in 2010, despite a structural lack of resources and capacity. 
  • For the period 2012-2017 40 action items are identified. This includes one-time actions and actions of structural and repetitive nature. 

The conclusion is that if the new planning period nature will be confronted with new problems, such as coral bleaching, hurricane damage and invasive species. The expectation is that these problems due to the ongoing climate change in the future will occur more frequently and more powerfully.