Nitrite in organic meat products

The objective is to experimentally determine the required amount of nitrites in organic fermented dry meat products and organic liver/blood containing meat products to obtain food safe end products. Gained knowledge, than can be used in the (national and international) discussions on the use of nitrites in organic meat products.

Approach and timeline

A literature survey “alternatives for nitrite in organic meat products” (alternatieven voor nitriet in biologische vleeswaren) and some experimental studies on reducing the amount of nitrites in organic ham and organic luncheon meat have been performed a few years ago. From the experimental study, it was concluded that the ingoing amount of nitrites can be reduced substantially while maintaining the desired product quality. To have a better and broader overview of the possibilities to reduces nitrites in organic meat products, these studies should be completed with experimental studies on fermented dry meat products and liver/blood containing meat products.


  • Report with results of the experiments on the effect of reducing nitrites in fermented dry meat products and/or liver/blood containing meat products.
  • Advise on how to deal with nitrites in organic meat products based on the experiments and previous work.